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Protek is one of the leading suppliers of specialty chemicals for industrial process applications in the region. In this sense, we are a significant partner for key players in the metal industry.

We also act as a consultant, working closely with our customers even during the line planning and design stage. Here we offer our expertise and experience in tailoring the most cost effective process solution that will deliver the desired finishing consistently.

Metal Finishing

Protek is one of the early pioneers in supplying the pretreatment systems for both aluminium and iron based products. Our treatment systems have always been geared towards the promotion of good adhesion, soil removal as well as providing a secondary barrier protection against corrosion.

Apart from this, Protek is also active in the aluminium anodizing process where we have the full expertise to design and commission an anodizing line.


Metal Products

A typical aluminium conversion coating process

Degreasers, cleaners & brighteners

  • Aluclean AC-C: Acidic degreaser to remove oxide film.
  • Aluclean 18: Non-silicated aluminium degreaser.
  • Aluclean 195: Non-etching cleaner.
  • Aluclean 26: Caustic based degreaser.
  • Feroclean 83: Alkaline cleaner for steel based products.
  • Feroclean 83 (L): Liquid alkaline cleaner for steel based products.
  • Emsol: Emulsified solvent product.
  • Greasol: Excellent solvent degreaser.
  • Clean Rig: Heavy duty cleaner.
  • Aluminium Brightener: Removes surface oxides from aluminium materials to give it a bright finish.
  • Copper Brightener: Removes surface oxides from copper materials to give it a bright finish.
  • Stainless SP1: Stainless steel cleaner and brightener.

Aluminium anodizing & conversion coatings

  • Degreaser: Refer to Degreasers, Cleaners & Brighteners.
  • Addet LLB: Etching additive for caustic soda.
  • Aluetch: Caustic based etchant.
  • Acid Etch: Acid based etchant.
  • Desmut 40N:  Non-chromated desmutter and deoxidiser.
  • Duratin S: Stabiliser for use in tin based colouring process.

Electrolytic colouring systems

  • Duratane System

A Nickel/ Tin Based Colouring System

    • Duratone 10N: For replenishment of nickel.
    • Duratone 20S: For stabilizer of tin.
    • Duratone 20T: For replenishment of tin.
  • Permatone System

A Tin Based Colouring System

    • Permatone T1: For replenishment of tin.
    • Permatone S2: For stabilizer of tin.
    • Permatone L3: For uniform leveling of colour.
  • Cold Seal 28: Room temperature sealing for anodized aluminium.
  • Hot Seal 95: Hot water based sealing for anodized aluminium.
  • Permacoat 47: Greenish white based chromate coat.
  • Permacoat CR: Yellowish gold based chromate coat.
  • Permacoat C5: Colourless chromate coat.
  • CR Seal: Passivating rinse.

Pretreatment for paint

  • Degreaser: Refer to Degreasers, Cleaners & Brighteners.
  • FE4: A 3-in-1 product, degreaser, derust and phosphating of iron/ steel.
  • Protek 80P: Iron phosphate.
  • Protek 81 DFX: Iron phosphate additive.
  • Phoseal: Solvent based iron phosphate.
  • Protek ZN 200: Zinc phosphate system.
  • Protek ZNC: Zinc calcium phosphate system.
  • Protek A-Control: To adjust pH of zinc phosphate.
  • PROTEK Z-Accelerator: Accelerator for zinc phosphate.
  • CR Seal: Passivating rinse.
  • Protek MN 301: Manganese phosphate system.
  • PT Strip: Paint stripper.
  • Exit PIS: Effective remover of coatings from metal, wood and carbon deposits from engine block.
  • SBA: Spray booth additive.

Side products

  • Anti Weld Spatter F: To promote a clean weld during welding process.
  • Coil Clean A: Heavy duty acidic coil cleaner.
  • Coil Clean: Heavy duty alkaline coil cleaner.
  • Excell: Easy removal of rust and hard water scale.
  • Feroblack: A chemical system for blackening of iron and steel.
  • Fuel Oil Additive: Promotes efficiency of fuel utilization and combustion.
  • Handigel: Water-free cleaner for hands.
  • OSD-B: Oil spill dispersant.
  • Protek RP-2: Rust preventive oil.
  • Protek RC-6B: Rust converter.
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