Hygienic production leads to safe consumption

1 bacterium can multiply to 221,184,000,000,000 bacteria in just 12 hours.

This fact highlights the significant role of cleaning and sanitizing in the food processing industry. Whether in manufacturing, processing or packaging, contaminants are the common enemy that cannot be allowed to infiltrate the product. Simply because the product will reach the mass market and be consumed! In other words, contaminants are not only bad for business, they can be detrimental to the health of consumers.

Bearing such consequences in mind, Protek has been actively supplying a wide range of cleaning and sanitizing agents to achieve the high standards of hygiene demanded by clients in industries such as dairy products, breweries, beverage, canning, meat processing, confectionery and bakery, and many more.

Many of our clients are also HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) accredited. This underlines the performance, reliability and effectiveness of our products which range from cleaners to quaternary ammonium compound, chlorine, phenolic, iodophors and acid-based sanitizers and disinfectants.

We have also developed products which are compatible to CIP (Clean-In-Place) cleaning as an alternative to manual cleaning. This reduces down-time dedicated to cleaning, thus improving productivity.


The Protek Service Policy

Protek is committed to providing customers with the best service. All our products are supported by:

  • Training programs in both product knowledge and educational topics
  • Product performance reports and troubleshooting
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Product inventory management
  • 24 hours technical back-up

Food Products

  • Alcogel: Alcohol based waterless hand gel sanitizer.
  • Alcoquat: Alcohol based disinfectant for equipment.
  • Aerokleen: Multi-purpose water based cleaner for floor, walls and equipment. Suitable for all surfaces.
  • Can wash: Neutral detergent specially for can washing.
  • Carbon removal: Alkaline, multi-purpose cleaner for walls, floors and equipment. Suitable on all surfaces.
  • Gentle EX: Bactericidal and deodorizer handsoap for hand sanitizing.
  • Gleam 90: Powder alkaline cleaner specially for CIP, bottlewashing and food processing equipment cleaning.
  • Gel Pine: Gel type phenolic pine disinfectant for floors, drains, toilets and garbage areas.
  • GP Clean: Alkaline degreaser for removal of mild grease and oil on equipment, walls and floors.
  • Protek BWA I: Caustic additive specially blended for bottlewashing of brewery, sauce and beverage plant.
  • Proven: Heavy duty degreaser and cleaner for oil and carbon removal in ovens and baking pans. Not applicable to aluminium surfaces.
  • Protector: Liquid alkaline cleaner for CIP, bottlewashing and all food processing equipment.
  • Process EX: Liquid acid based cleaner for removal of milk stone, rust and water scale for food processing and CIP cleaning.
  • Prosan: High performance chlorine powder sanitizer for all surfaces, excluding aluminium.
  • Potent LF: Low foam mild acidic liquid iodophors sanitizer detergent for all equipment.
  • Proquat: QAC disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorizer. Suitable for all surfaces, including foot bath.
  • Peneol: Liquid phenolic pine disinfectant for toilets, drains and garbage.
  • Q-Rinse: Quaternary ammonium compound based sanitizer for all surfaces.
  • RD 173: Chloride alkaline degreaser for food processing equipment, tables and floors.
  • Regime 2: Low foam alkaline cleaner for CIP in food processing plant.
  • Saniti: Inorganic chlorine based sanitizer powder for equipment, walls and floors. Suitable for CIP or manual cleaning, except aluminium surfaces.
  • Solar 2: Chlorine cleaner and sanitizer pink powder for all surfaces and equipment. Not applicable to aluminium surfaces.
  • Speed M: Powder alkaline all purpose cleaner for floors, walls and food processing equipment. Safe on all metals.
  • SC 10: Amphoteric based sanitizer for all surfaces.
  • SF Sanitiser: quaternary ammonium compound based sanitizer for walls, floors, tables and equipment.
  • Sanitiser OP: Oxygen based acidic sanitizer for all stainless steel surfaces.
  • Sanitiser OX: Hydrogen peroxide acidic sanitizer for equipment and floors. Applicable for stainless steel surfaces only.
  • TC 830: 2-in-1 chlorine alkaline cleaner cum sanitizer for CIP and manual cleaning of equipment. Best applied to stainless steel surfaces.
  • Ultimate: Alkaline detergent cum sanitizer for CIP and food processing equipment.
  • Veg K: Amphoteric sanitizer for vegetable and fruit washing.
  • Wash up: Neutral liquid multi purpose detergent cleaner.
  • Syntec: Specially formulated water repellents and lubricant for slat chain degreasing to prevent friction between package and the conveyor.
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