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Adding shine and sparkle to your culinary performance

Enhancing good taste with superior cleanliness.

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors to observe in the food and beverage department. But in the fast beat operation, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness is extremely demanding. Everything from kitchen utensils to the wares on the dining table must comply to a high standard of hygiene.

For cleaning requirements of this degree, Protek has all your answers. We have specially formulated an innovative range of cleaning products to cater to food and beverage usage. We also tailor make usage programs to suit the operations and equipment in use.


Computerised Dispensing System

Our products are further complemented by state-of-the-art computerized dispensing system. This system can be programmed to provide the correct dosage of chemical to meet your specific needs. The resulting consistency prevents wasteful overdosing or costly underdosing. With our computerized dosing system, human errors and physical contacts are also minimized, leading to improved safety for your staff.

The Protek Service Policy

Protek is committed to providing customers with the best service. All our products are supported by:

  • Training programs in both product knowledge and educational topics
  • Regular sanitation and cost control audits
  • 24 hours technical back-up

Food & Beverage Products

Kitchen Care

  • Quest: Concentrated liquid detergent ideal for economical dishwashing. Specially formulated to control the build up of hard water scale and stains. Dispensed via Protek’s latest state-of-the-art sensing equipment.
  • Shield: A concentrated surfactant based liquid that eliminates water spotting and promotes rapid drying of cutlery and crockery without streaking. The detergent is automatically fed using Protek’s state-of-the-art dispensers.
  • Process: Mildly acidic detergent for fast removal of hard water scale from catering equipment (dishwashing machine). Can be use in CIP cleaning operations.
  • So-Clean: Specially developed for low temperature, high pressure dishwashing without leaving residue.
  • So-Safe: Uniquely formulated cleaner sanitizer for dishwashing and kitchen applications.
  • So-Dri: Specially formulated as an effective dishwashing rinse additive.

Ancillary Cleaners and Detergents

  • Liquid
    • Wash-Up: A thick, viscous, neutral liquid detergent for use in both institutional and food industries for multi-purpose cleaning.
    • GP-Clean: General purpose cleaner designed to remove oils, grease and a variety of stains from most surfaces. Ideal for floor and wall cleaning operations.
    • Proven: Oven, grill and exhaust hood cleaner, designed to remove ‘baked on’ soils, and residual carbon from stainless steel kitchen equipment.
    • Vanish: Liquid silver and brass detarnisher. Able to remove tarnish from all silverware and EPNS cutlery.
    • Peneol: Industrial strength pine disinfectant. To be used for toilets, urinals, sinks, drains and at recommended dilutions for floors, walls and hard surfaces.
    • Burnish: Burnishing compound for ball polishing of nickel and silver utensils.
    • Supple: A concentrated germicidal handsoap formulated to prevent cross-contamination through dirty hands in food-processing areas.
    • Knockdown: Specially formulated insecticide for sanitizing food storage areas.
  • Powder
    • Gleam: Oxygen bleach for soaking stained or decolourised Melamine and Plastic wares whilst being safe on hands and on wares.
    • Speed: Safe cleaner compatible with all types of cleaning equipment, particularly effective on greasy kitchen floors and other difficult stained surfaces.
    • Solar: Sanitiser and destainer, Solar is able to perform a multitude of functions, including the removal of stains from coffee/tea cups, chopping boards and sanitising kitchen wiping cloths etc.
    • Pride: Soft acidic scouring powder suitable for most metals and brightwork found in kitchens and processing areas.
    • Perform: Manual detergent for washing of pots and pans.
    • Prime: Non-foaming, non-dusting peptizing powder dishwashing detergent useful for suspension of food residues, corrosion and scale.
    • Bio Free: Enzymic organic-waste eater. Ideal for maintaining blockage free pipes.
  • GEL
    • Gel-Pine: Concentrated gel pine disinfectant.
    • Thermo: Heating Gel.
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