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Our experiences enable us to provide effective cleaning solutions for the rubber industry.

Rubber Gloves

After successfully developing the cleaning system for rubber gloves, we went one step further into researching other processes of rubber glove manufacturing which enabled us to supply products such as special cleaners, powder-free coagulants, wetting agents, anti-tacks, leaching and chlorine aids, polymer systems and bacteriostats.

We have a whole spectrum of chemicals to meet most requirements of standard or modified lines in rubber glove manufacturing. New products are also continuously researched and added to our range to complement the changes in process technology.

Apart from delivering superior products to our customers in the rubber industries, we also provide the same high level of service and support to ensure our products are used safely to achieve the optimum result within predetermined cost parameters. That is why we are the preferred choice for customers who demand quality from start to finish.


The Protek Service Policy

Protek is committed to providing customers with the best service. All our products are supported by:

  • Training programs in both product knowledge and educational topics
  • Chemical performance test analysis reports
  • Independent lab test reports
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Product inventory management
  • Prompt and efficient delivery
  • Sealing of products to protect product integrity
  • 24 hours technical back-up

Rubber Products


Rubber glove former cleaning process

Former cleaners

  • CMC 3: Acidic former cleaner.
  • CMC Additive 2: Booster for CMC 3.
  • CMC 6: Acidic former cleaner.
  • CMC 8: Heavy duty acidic former cleaner.
  • CFC: Alkaline former cleaner.
  • CFC L 218: Alkaline former cleaner.
  • SL-2: Heavy duty alkaline former cleaner.
  • HDMD: Heavy duty mould detergent.
  • RW Strip: Off line stripper for baked on rubber.
  • R-Clean: Off line stripper for dyed on stains.
  • SFC: Special cleaner for powder-free coagulant systems.

Wetting agent

  • PN 15: Non-ionic surface.
  • PN 20: Non-ionic surfactant.

Anti tack agent

  • Protek 500: For use in slurry and coagulant.
  • Protek CT GEL 209: For use in powder-free coagulant.
  • PF-CA 308: For use in powder-free coagulant.
  • Bacteriostat
    • Biostat G7: For use in slurry and polymer tanks
  • Leaching Aid
    • CRN 2: Aid in short leaching tanks.
  • Chlorine Aid
    • CN 10: Chlorine neutraliser.
  • Anti Tack Rinse: For use in last rinse after off line chlorination.
  • Polymer Coatings
    • Polyslip: On line polymer dip.
    • Polyrinse: Off line polymer wash by using in final rinse after off line chlorination.
  • Others
    • Gentle: Bactericidal handsoap.
    • Gel Pine: Toilet disinfectant.
    • Alco-Quat: For use in sanitizing packing tables, walls, etc.
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